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Neval Bissambhar, aka “Neval B ” is a Trinidadian born Urban Crossover
Artist, vocalist, songwriter, musician, qualified broadcaster, and businessperson.

He is the younger son of the musical icon, Krishna “TEDDY” Bissambhar and also the frontline vocalist with his Cross-over
band D.Rampersad INDI-ART.

Neval started his musical career as a guitarist with Indi-Art at a tender age but then he moved on to singing. He is well known for his versatility in various music genres such as Chutney, Bollywood, Soca, Pop, EDM, Latin, Dancehall, Reggae, and Alternative

Neval was crowned Choka Chutney Road March winner in 2007 and has performed in countries like Florida, New York, New Jersey, Houston & Dallas Texas, Toronto, Brampton, Ajax, Guyana,… just to name a few.


Original Songs written and performed by NEVAL B.

D Gear Lever
D Bhaigan Story
Riding She Bumper
Oh Meh Head Rel Bad
Nacho Nacho
D Sausage
Never Stop Waving
Something Jooking
D Guitar String
Rush and Marry
Anjani Darling
Winer Boy
Naughty Girl
Come in she Party
Fete Everyday
Must Drink Something


Representing the multi-award winning band “INDI-ART”  sponsored by D.Rampersad & Co. Ltd.

Genres: Bollywood, Soca, Chutney, EDM, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Dancehall, Alternative