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There could be a different Sweet Soca monarch next year, as reigning king Red Plastic Bag has signalled he won’t be competing in 2018.

“Competition is not on the cards for me right now,” disclosed RPB in an exclusive interview with the SATURDAY SUN on the sidelines of an event launch on Thursday.

“Competition is something that I have always wanted to stop doing and I can’t really say now that I am going to compete again,” he said.

RPB, who dominated this year with his song Boat Ride, said his main focus was on making a contribution to Crop Over going forward.

“What I want to be able to do every time is to make my contribution to Crop Over.

“I don’t necessarily have to be in competition but I believe Crop Over is a product that is growing. It’s vital to our economy at the time.

“We have to continue working at it to keep growing so it can continue to benefit Barbados and Barbadians,” he added.

RPB revealed that this year he did not want to get involved in the competition initially but was glad he did.

However, the Sweet Soca monarch said that for him, victory was not in taking the crown but in having a song which truly impacted the masses.

“. . . . Having gone in the competition and reaching the finals, I was excited and worked hard and eventually won. To me, though, victory is not when you are crowned monarch, victory is when a song can impact the people.

“I’m just hoping that people continue to embrace the music in Barbados like they normally hold on to a lot of the songs from Crop Overs past, which augurs well for Barbados, he said.

Overall, the king said he thoroughly enjoyed this past year.

“2017 was a good year. I had fun. It’s always good to be a part of a season where you are making contributions and having fun. If you aren’t having fun you should just quit,” he added. (DB)