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VETERAN CALYPSONIAN Smokey Burke of Super Gladiators will set the tone at the semi-finals of the 2017 Courtesy Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop calypso competition.

The draw was conducted on Saturday at the National Cultural Foundation’s West Terrace, St James, headquarters.

Burke will be followed by former junior monarch Ms Sammy G from the House of Soca, while AC of De Big Show will round off the list of 18 competitors

The semi-finals are scheduled for July 21 at the 3Ws Amphitheater, Kensington Oval, St Michael.

The full line-up in order of appearance: 1. Smokey Burke, 2. Ms Sammy G, 3. Billboard, 4. Donella, 5. MR BLOOD, 6 Chrystal, 7. iWeb, 8. Amazing Dre, 9. Colin Spencer, 10. Ms AC, 11. Observer, 12. Classic, 13. Jslo, 14. Edwin, 15. Charisma, 16. Sir Ruel, 17. Franswaa, 18. AC. (TG)


Super Gladiators Smokey Burke Poor-trait Persona Non grata 1
House of Soca Ms. Sammy-G My Story Naked Departure 2
House of Soca Billboard Bad Man Economy’s Plea 3
Cave Shepherd All Stars Donella Virtual Make A Change 4
De Big Show MR BLOOD Attacks Memo 5
De Big Show Chrystal Claim Barbados Back Too Big Fuh De Horse 6
De Big Show iWeb For The Souls Salesman 7
House of Soca Amazing Dre Trading Places Alternative Facts 8
Cave Sheperd All Stars Colin Spencer Last Vote Belated Birthday Greetings 9
House of Soca Ms. AC Ghetto Cry Malicious People 10
House of Soca Observer Patriot Socio-Party 11
De Big Show Classic Divorce If Yuh Don’t Know 12
De Big Show J-Slo Voice of the Voiceless Can’t Finish It 13
De Big Show Edwin Tax-He Beggar 14
Cave Sheperd All Stars Charisma Miss Bimsha Women Moving On 15
House of Soca Sir Ruel Run Fuh Cover Not My Vote 16
House of Soca Franswaa Master Debate Thanks 17
De Big Show AC More Love My Opinion 18
De Big Show TC Paradise Stand Up

By Tre Greaves