Nailah Blackman - O' Lawd Oye (Official Music Video) "2018 Soca"

Nailah Blackman – O’ Lawd Oye | 2018 Soca Music

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Watch the official Soca music video for the 2018 Soca release by Nailah Blackman, “O’ Lawd Oye”.

The versatile Nailah Blackman is at it again. This time she releases “O’Lawd Oye” a sultry, soulful record that draws from a distinct lineage of modern African music. With her humming bird voice, Nailah tells a heartfelt love story, presumably set in a rustic African village. ‘O’Lawd Oye’ is sweet as a sugar cane, sultry as a warm southern night and soulful as the afro punk beats that pound through this record.