Nailah’s Sick! Here’s Why.

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Nailah Blackman Trinidad Soca Artist

EBUZZTT: Not in the literal sense. Ok… ok… let’s clear this up. The soca hottie’s in need of no pill or treatment. Nailah’s perfectly healthy but she’s got a sick ambition that’s almost guaranteed to take her on a whirlwind career adventure. Truth be told, female artistes in the Caribbean’s less structured music industry, often find themselves falling victim to … Read More

5 Star Akil to represent soca at The Music Wave festival in China

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5 Star Akil Trinidad Soca Artist

LOOPTT: Soca artist 5 Star Akil will be the lone representative from Trinidad and Tobago at this year’s Music Wave festival in Beijing, China. 5 Star, real name Akil Borneo, was specially invited to perform at the Festival which has been staged for 13 years since 2004. The Music Waves festival is described as an influential holiday event, especially popular with young … Read More