5 Star Akil to represent soca at The Music Wave festival in China

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5 Star Akil Trinidad Soca Artist


Soca artist 5 Star Akil will be the lone representative from Trinidad and Tobago at this year’s Music Wave festival in Beijing, China.

5 Star, real name Akil Borneo, was specially invited to perform at the Festival which has been staged for 13 years since 2004.

The Music Waves festival is described as an influential holiday event, especially popular with young people.

The theme of the Music Waves 2019 is Symbiosis, Salute the Republic, which means a show feast with international friends according to a brochure for the festival.

“It will show the new style of the cultural development of Chaoyang District, and a new grand look with feeling as all rivers run into the sea. Moreover, we will collaborate with China Arts and Entertainment Group for the project Meet in Beijing. There will be 21 music activities including Warm Salute, All Things Symbiosis and Splendid Night,” the brochure said. 

5 Star will be among other Caribbean acts such as Julian Believe of The Bahamas and Junior Kelly of Jamaica.

The artiste, who will also be among four soca acts at this year’s St Kitt’s Music Festival, is a former DJ turned artist who is known for hits such as “Partier”, To Meh Heart”, “With You” and “Different Me”.  The video for his 2019 hit “Personal” on the Osaka Riddim was shot in Japan. 

The artiste told Loop he is thankful for the opportunity to perform at the event. 

“Going to different zones to push the music is always a great feeling, going to a place you aren’t familiar with is challenging but we are born for challenges,” he said. 

 “I am excited to experience it live. It is a big honour, I am just thankful, I am glad to get the opportunity,” he said.

The Music Waves Festival runs from May 24 to 26.


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