Designer Ecliff Elie, Soca’s Go-To Designer

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Ecliff Elie

For yet another year, Trinidad and Tobago menswear designer, Ecliff Elie is the man dominating the carnival scene with his spectacular menswear designs. From Swappi to Teddyson John, Problem Child and Ding Dong, this season, Ecliff’s delivering the wow factor with every stitch and hem.

In the past, the designer has shown his ability to show up and show out on carnival stages, using many soca artistes as models for his creativity. Trinidad and Tobago, his main arena over the past few years, Elie has even penetrated the markets up the islands, laying menswear fashion design claim to territories like Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. From cricketer Darren Sammy to Soca’s Mr. Killa from Grenada and even new sensation, V’Ghn, Elie’s proven that his fit is always a cut above the rest and his touch is magic, something that every client he’s worked with, can attest to.

Designer Ecliff Elie at work.

“What I try to ensure of first and foremost, is the fit. Clothing, whether menswear or female clothing, should always fit well. Once that’s achieved, everything else is window dressing,” he told us. Elie’s styles, when customised for soca artistes like Swappi, SuperBlue and even V’ghn, are often embellished. Much like extravagant costumes worn by international celebrities, Ecliff’s signature pieces, whether jackets alone or complete suits, hold their own on stage, offering the artistes an undeniable opportunity to be seen like no other clothing option would allow.

“I take a lot of pride in how my clients look. Whether it’s a groom, a career professional, a superstar or a casual fetter, at Ecliff Elie we work with the client to match their personality and ambitions, after all, there are some people who, while low key in their professional lives, love to explore fashion options at carnival time,” he said.

Ecliff Elie opened a new menswear store in South Trinidad, at C3 Centre, last year. That store offers on the spot alterations and even boasts Elie’s signature accessories, inclusive of bags, belts, ties and more. “We’re pretty much a one stop shop for quality menswear. We’re a brand that has been built on quality and attention to detail. That will never change,” he assured.

Here’s are just a few of the Ecliff Elie designs that’ve stood out, worn by top billing Caribbean entertainers, over the past year:

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