Nailah’s Sick! Here’s Why.

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Nailah Blackman Trinidad Soca Artist


Not in the literal sense.

Nailah Blackman

Ok… ok… let’s clear this up. The soca hottie’s in need of no pill or treatment. Nailah’s perfectly healthy but she’s got a sick ambition that’s almost guaranteed to take her on a whirlwind career adventure. Truth be told, female artistes in the Caribbean’s less structured music industry, often find themselves falling victim to the rigors of their reality. It’s really not as glamorous as they make it look on social media. Nailah Blackman’s however in the running to becoming one of the caribbean’s biggest superstars if she continues to play her cards right.

Here’s why we say that!

  1. Nailah’s got grit. Unlike every other female soca artiste in the business, Nailah’s stuck to her goal of delivering music the people will enjoy year round. She isn’t getting caught up in the politics of the music business, and since she kicked off her career just about two years ago, she’s remained consistent.
  2. She understands the power of Social Media. In a world where social media platforms are ruining lives, perpetuating violence and encouraging gossip and vanity, Nailah’s using it all to her advantage. She’s got her fan accounts, her hashtag game on lock and she’s filling in all the Caribbean entertainment gaps with posts on all the trending platforms, which essentially keeps the buzz on her, constantly.
  3. She’s focused on upping her game. Now, the harsh truth of the entertainment industry is that from the moment you stop trying to be the best, you fall all the way to the back of the class. In the Caribbean especially, the odds are harshly against the rise of female entertainers. For Patrice Roberts, Nailah Blackman, Destra Garcia, Spice, Shenseea, Fay Ann Lyons, Nessa Preppy and the lot of gals in the race, consistency and development is imperative. In her short time at the forefront of the music industry, Blackman’s team has secured her placement at the BET Awards, Coachella and other top tiered industry events. She’s been to Jamaica Carnival and several other major Carnival related events worldwide. Truth is, she picked up steam and she has never slowed down.
  4. Nailah’s interested in meaningful collaborations. Maybe she’s a true believer in the Law of Attraction but it seems like this has been working to her advantage. Nailah’s been on a relationship building drive. Her collaborations, in a very short space of time with artistes like Kees, Shenseea, Fay Ann Lyons, Sekon Sta and Erphaan Alves, Tarrus Riley and Ding Dong have proven incredibly effective. She’s pretty much been building a catalogue of music that’s unparalleled while at the same time, benefitting from powerful networks. Now, she’s on to creating her debut album, outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

Nailah’s an Eagle. 

Nailah with Jamaica’s Shenseea

It’s amazing to watch young talent soar to its full potential. The ‘Baila Mami’ singer’s been on a roll and she’s not about to quit. Her unique sense of style, added to her cherry blossom pop of personality that’s often time magnified on all of her social media platforms, gives the assurance that Nailah Blackman, the successor to Soca’s creator, Ras Shorty I, who just happens to be her grandpops, is readying herself to climb to the very top of the International Music industry’s ladder. Stay Woke, Nailah ain’t playing!

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