Vale Vibe Cooler Dishes Out A Fete, Not A Concert

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For yet another spectacular year, well known DJ, Alicia D Duchess and her team of event coordinators provided patrons with nothing short of a true Carnival fete experience. EBUZZTT was on hand this past Tuesday night to enjoy the epic vibes, as we did last year and even the year before that. In fact, this is one cooler experience we try not to miss because it’s one of the very few authentic carnival treats!

The thing about Vale Vibe Cooler that makes it truly pop out for us is its simple, yet effective feting dynamic. This is an event that makes the most of a venue that’s not the biggest. The event takes place annually at Bayview in Maracas, along the North Coast road. Parking for patrons is roadside and security by police officers along the roadway, is never to be questioned.

Flag wavers, shorts and t shirts and great music makes Vale Vibe Cooler a necessary fete for Ebuzztt.

On the inside, the ambience is beautifully, natural- no unnecessary ad ons- just effective, efficient infrastructure and non stop feting. Patrons attending Vale Vibe Cooler are mostly foreigners who come in for the carnival experience, many of them amped to maximise on their few days in T&T. A nice mixture of mature and young fetters delivers to this fete, a keen, much needed freedom that’s expressed in smiles, airborne hands, voracious singing to every soca track played and not to mention the oldies that are goodies that every international carnival lover basks in. This is never an ordinary fete- this is a fete for true carnival revellers, the ones that are sometimes forgotten.

On Tuesday night, Voice, the prolific three time Soca monarch Champ came through with the music. He impressed thoroughly, even engaging a young patron who’d flown in from Boston. She mounted the stage as the entertainer came on, ready to back back her derriere on him, and that she did.

Check out some of the photos captured by the Vale Vibe Cooler family. We encourage you guys to check out this fete next year because if you’re a true fetter looking for vibes rather than a concert experience, Alicia D Duchess makes it very clear that this is no concert, this is a fete!

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