Nadia Batson seals social media presence with YouTube talk show

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Nadia Batson Soca Music

Yellow Cow TV. Batson hosts the show with her friend and SASS bandmate Miss Alysha (Alysha Alleyne).

The women sit around a table and explore all sorts of topics such as if flirting is horning and why women blame each other when men cheat. In the latest episode, they had a candid chat with singer Nessa Preppy.

“We always sitting down around this table and talking a setta stupidness and one day we said we should film this,” Batson said, drawing reference to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table series.

Nadia Batson

She said she did some research about YouTube and decided to test out the idea.

Since the channel launched in August, Yellow Cow TV has racked up 1600 subscribers.

“Just from the numbers we were given when we launched we surpassed that. I am really happy,” she said.

Adding to the show’s allure is its quirky name.

Batson said there is no deep meaning to it. The name simply came about when they were trying to decide on a title and someone suggested Yellow Rug because of that colour rug she had in her room.

“Then I said anyone ever see a yellow cow?” said Batson. “And that was it. It was just us talking shit.”

New episodes of Yellow Cow TV are uploaded every Saturday.

Batson said while the pandemic restrictions has impacted her career as a soca artiste, she has used the time for the things she always wanted, like having a talk show.

“I always knew this was the direction I wanted to go but I was so busy, I was always on the road. Now I had to do things sooner than planned. COVID allowed me to slow down and connect with people on a different level,” she explained.

Batson, who did a full year of touring last year thanks to the popularity of her 2019 hit “So Long”, said at first she was happy for the opportunity to relax when the lockdown went into effect.

“When I see we reaching five or six months I was like whoa what is happening so it was just a matter of rearranging the cards that were dealt,” she said.

“When we will get to go back to work was the only bugger for me but I was thinking about how people were feeling and that gave me an extra jolt to make them laugh.”

It’s not all about having fun for Batson, however.

This week she launched a new series on Instagram called Wonder Woman Wednesdays in which she puts the spotlight on women working hard in unskilled jobs to earn a living.

Batson said she was inspired to do the series after seeing a newspaper vendor setting up her stall early one morning.

“It set my mind off. This kind of job couldn’t be easy to do and no one gives them appreciation. I went around the country and spoke to women doing these types of jobs because I want to highlight the importance of these women as part of the fabric of our society,” she explained.

The series will run for six weeks with the support of Digicel whom Batson represents as a brand ambassador.

While she is busy churning out content for her social media platforms, Batson has also been in the studio recording new music.

“I won’t leave my fans hanging,” she asserted.

So far she has released “Hide It” on the Saccharine Riddim from MastaMind and “Counting my Blessings” on the Fig Leaf Riddim by Don Iko.

She said she expects to drop another song by month-end and another in December.

Fans could also look out for a virtual staging of the third edition of her show Artform in the New Year.

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